Gravity Applies

There are many who believe our new president will bring about good changes and there are equally as many (or maybe more) who think our new president will destroy America as we know it. I have lived through seven U.S. presidents since my birth. Four of which were Republican and three which were Democrat. As I grew older and began to follow American politics, I discovered that most Americans seem to think that the President of the USA has all of the power to either make or break this great country of ours. As each election year has come and gone, political rhetoric has become more fearful, angry, and hateful between candidates and that simply carries over into the voters.


Let’s come back down to Earth, shall we? My life has stretched from President Ford to now President Trump. Not a single POTUS has caused me to gain or lose a job that I have worked. Each time I changed what I did for a living, the POTUS had nothing to do with it. Not a single US President in my lifetime has produced a policy that determined whether or not I had a hot meal to eat each night. My Grandfather survived the Great Depression in the Texas Panhandle. He had very little money and few resources but he kept on working and got through it without government assistance.


We Americans tend to give the POTUS too much credit for the power they supposedly have over us as individuals. Yes, taxes can be raised or lowered and interest rates can be made to be high or low under certain regimes. However, we as individuals possess the power to work, earn money, own property, access water, grow food and defend our family from harm. The US Constitution allows us the freedom to succeed and to fail as individuals based on the decisions we make in our daily lives. This is miles ahead of many other countries on the Earth whose citizens do not have the freedoms, rights, and responsibilities that we Americans have been granted. We Americans should all be on our knees daily and thanking our creator for the US Constitution and what it means to each of us. We each have the ability to chose our own destiny in life and then we must work hard in order to achieve it.


All it takes to live a wholesome and good life is a few resources such as land, tools, a pickup truck, a rifle, some common sense, and good bit of ambition. There are many who would disagree with me on this which brings me to my next point. Those who do not believe they have the power within themselves to carve out their own destiny are the reason we have too much government. These are people who think that all forms of life must depend upon a body of elite politicians to keep them safe and place food on their table. Ultimately this represents the sharp divide that exists in our country these days. One group makes life happen as they move forward in their daily work. The other group believes that life (good or bad) is what happens to them as a result of the action or inaction of others.


The pendulum swings left and swings back right and then back left again. Gravity applies as interest rates and taxes go up and then come down and then go up again. I have seen and experienced the regime changes in Washington DC and Austin many different times now. Here is what remains. Those who are determined to make their own way and seize upon the opportunities to improve their lives will live a full and good life. They have bad days and good days, good years and bad years…no matter what. Gravity always applies. Those who are determined to depend on a government made up of elected officials to make their lives good and full will always be disappointed and found to always be wanting more.



So we all have a choice.

1) We can boot strap it like the Americans of old have always done. Which means we just keep our head down, work hard, and enjoy the breaks we get with our families and friends. I must do this.

2) We can choose to exists in a constant state of fear and anger. Allow cynicism to consume us and find ourselves never being happy with anything because someone else is in charge and we do not like him or her.

So choose. Enjoy your life or lose it.




Author: lifebelowthe30

"I'm Just a dude south of the 30th parallel allowing my musings to escape my thick skull." Robert W. Whitaker is a seasoned veterinary technologist with over 20 years experience in veterinary diagnostic imaging. Ultrasound, X-ray and CT are his specialties. Mr. Whitaker is the managing partner of Instruction Intelligence, LLC and the Director of Sales for VitalRads Veterinary Radiology.

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