What We Know, May Not Be So

I am pretty sure that crow must be a distasteful bird. When one admits he or she is wrong and retracts previous statements, in Texas, we call that eating a plate of crow. Although I have never tasted crow in the literal sense; I have eaten a few pounds of it over my life time. It is embarrassing, and it crushes my pride.

Crow Ha Ha

So, here I am about to eat a plate of crow in front of God and everyone else in veterinary medical. In March of 2017, I wrote and published a three-part series about Computed Tomography (aka CT or CAT Scan) and Cone Beam Computed Tomography (aka CBCT) and how they are used effectively (or ineffectively) in veterinary medical applications.

Here are the links:




I have learned that these articles about CT and CBCT were outdated publications before I even finished the first draft! I retract every word. It is time to start over with fresh information and some additional help from my peers.

I sincerely apologize to everyone who may have been misled by my CT articles. I was not thorough in my research. I allowed myself to be blinded by my own pre-suppositions. My 20+ years of experience in veterinary imaging technology had given me a false sense of security and self-righteousness. I hope that you each will forgive me. I aim to leave room for what I do not know in the future. I must allow more cross-examinations by a more diverse group of my peers than I have allowed in the past.

I have encountered a brand-new diagnostic imaging technology. The CT and CBCT imaging technologies I wrote about are now outdated because of this technology. This new tech will change the veterinary world before it moves into human medical and changes that world too. Yes, you read that correctly. This technology does not exist in human medical nor does it exist in human dentistry.

The fire inside of me had nearly been snuffed out but something brand new has rekindled that fire and stoked it into a white-hot blaze. I will publish about this new tech once I complete my research.

I will continue publishing what I am learning in this journey called life. I will always address my readers with respect and admit when I am proven to be wrong.

Thank you for taking valuable time out of your day to read what I write.


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