A Simple Choice: Rejecting Fear & Hate

I have something on my mind and this is the perfect opportunity to share it since I am in between some heavy marketing projects at work. I am writing tonight to challenge all of you to join me in rejecting fear and being the change that we would all love to see in our wonderful world.


Louis Armstrong – Photo Courtesy of The Louis Armstrong House Museum https://www.louisarmstronghouse.org/louis-armstrong/

Yes, we live in a wonderful world here in the United State of America…despite what you may be consuming on social media and TV. In the wake of two hurricanes on the gulf coast, we all have seen what Americans really are at our core. We respond in love and compassion when times get tough for our neighbors. That is who we are as Americans! However, there remains this pipeline of fear and hate that is fostered by all media.

We live in a nation of many different types of people who come from places all over the globe. Each person in this country can choose to be more educated or less educated. We can choose to vote or not to vote for our officials in leadership. We can choose to work hard or not work at all. We are free to speak our minds, even though speaking our minds may not be the best choice. We are free to earn the respect of others or lose it. No matter who you are or where you grew up, you can choose to be a better person or not. We can choose to engage the purveyors of fear and hate or we can choose to ignore them and move on with our daily lives working and raising our children to make wiser choices than we made. The United States of America was founded on the simple principle of the freedom to choose. If you consistently choose wisely in life, you will eventually be in a position to have a chance at owning a home and starting a family. Everything is a choice. When you say you do not have a choice, you have accepted fear as something that is real and you are defeated by your own choice to believe that there is not a choice to be made. Confused? I hope not.


Photo by Caleb Fisher on Unsplash

Fear and hate are commodities which are purveyed through all information outlets. We see and hear about people in our country who are rioting and raising hell against…well…everything. I see my friends on social media constantly getting up in arms against this group or that group because of rhetoric about racism, classism, liberalism, or some other “ism” that is supposedly rampant and about to destroy our country and society as we know it.

jordan-whitt-145327Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash

Friends, please read my words and take them to heart! Our world is not as bad as the talking heads would like for us to believe. Besides, do you really think that posting crafty replies to articles and memes will change hearts and minds? If you do, then you are deceived. When we do that (and I have) we are wasting our time and energy that we should be investing in something more tangible. Invest in your kids, invest in your neighbors, and your co-workers. Remove fearful thoughts and replace them with hopeful and positive thoughts. Each one of us, individually, gets to decide how we will treat other people when we engage them in our day to day lives. We can all choose to be a$$holes to one another or we can choose to be good to one another. I will be the first to plead guilty to being a horse’s a$$ to certain folks when it would be better to simply give them a smile and move on. Fear sells so well in our society only because many of us choose to react poorly to it. STOP! Stop engaging the fear and hate mongers. The tongue and the keyboard are both very powerful tools. It always amazes me how hateful people can get when they are behind the keyboard of a computer. We tend to write things we would never say to people in person. We can choose words which will unite or we choose words that will divide. Sometimes, no reaction is the best practice. Fear sells and words of division should not be our default reaction to any situation.

I encourage each of you to pay close attention to what you are consuming each day on your devices and social media accounts. I challenge you to stop reacting out of fear. Here is why:


I have seen this movie, “After Earth” twice. It is quite the Sci-Fi story about a father and son who are stranded on Earth far into the future (supposedly) when humans can no longer subsist here. Of course, there is a political message to this movie and I simply chose to ignore it. There is truth in this particular clip. Fear, is not real. It (fear) only exists in our thoughts of the future. So why are we so quick to be fearful? We are conditioned by nearly everything we see and consume on a daily basis to be fearful about our future as Americans or our future as humans. Reject this. It is a choice. Know that no human can truly predict the future. It is up to each of us to choose how we treat one another on a daily basis. Join me in this daily challenge. We can choose hope and love instead of fear and hate. We can choose not to respond to fearful and hateful rhetoric. We can choose to only engage things which are good and positive. If we do this, then we can starve fear and hate completely out of the picture. We give life and momentum to fear and hate when we respond negatively to that rhetoric. Do something radical today! Ignore it…all of it.